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Our courses cover about 9 weeks worth of material.  We offer a variety of courses mostly at the high school level, but we hope to offer courses in the future at the elementary and post-secondary levels as well.  Our courses have many wonderful features:

  • Variety of engaging activities
  • Easy to challenging tiered activities that build and reinforce skills
  • Awards badges to make it fun
  • Audio visual components
  • Cultural aspects
  • Heavy focus on verbs and vocabulary
  • Downloadable activities to practice without the computer
  • Building fluency and comprehension
  • Affordable for every budget
  • Especially effective for school 1-to-1 programs
  • Designed by real and experienced teachers who have actually taught in the classroom
  • Support

If you would like to try some of our Verb Ninja Content for free, click on “Free Samples” under the menu tab.  Also the following lessons are free to sample:

VERB NINJA can ease the burden on teachers and engage your students!

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